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Columbus City Church

Updated September 29, 2019

September 2019

Dear Pastor Dan and Church Family,

IGLECAM is our ministerial association here in Colombia. Presently there are over 400 members in the fellowship of Pastors and ministers of the Gospel. We endeavor to encourage churches toward effectively fulfilling the Great Commission, and equipping Christian leaders, in order to
accomplish their mission. We have a 7- fold purpose for this ministry:

1. Bring Glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ by setting an example of excellence and integrity.
2. Promote unified prayer.
3. Strengthen church leaders in their roles through training, teaching, and consultation using current resources and methods.
4. Provide continuing education and discipleship opportunities for ministers and other leaders.
5. Equip church leaders to plan churches in their unique setting.
6. Network with churches so they have opportunities to share resources, work together on ministry projects, and fellowship together.
7. Seek opportunities to coordinate with churches to start new missions where needed.

Pastor Dan, Thank you for being partners in helping to train
these Colombian ministers and leaders.

Yours for the Harvest,
John and Alba
My Spirit Upon All Flesh...Joel 2:2

Updated September 15, 2019

Isa Bajalia


August, 2019

Greetings from Isa:
Thank you for contributing towards the next missions outreach in the Persian Gulf, and the Philippines. Our prayer is that you are abundantly blessed for helping to expand the Kingdom of God Globally
Persian Gulf; We are excited about continued confirmed reports that large segments of the communities in this part of the World are receiving Jesus as their Savior. It is also an honor for me to be a part of the Ministry Team who will be in conferences in several Nations where it is well known that there is hostility towards the Gospel Message and Missionaries.

Southeast Asia; After a brief time in the Persian Gulf, Nancy and I will then travel to the Philippines where we will stay until we complete our assignment. Thank you for all of the clothing items and the vitamins that you so graciously provided for distribution among the families at the three outreach sites. Our goal is to be a support to the local Church, especially in the more primitive areas of Mindanao. We thank you because we are aware that none of this could ever happen without your help.

Encouragement - Such an amazing truth from God's Word. Galatians 5; 6 NLT, When we place our Faith in Christ Jesus there is no benefit in being circumcised or being uncircumcised, what is important is Faith expressing itself in Love. We have always been taught that our Faith can only work if we walk in love towards others. While I believe that this is true, we forget that it is not only how we love, but also how much HE loves us. It always takes my Faith to another level when I realize how much He loves me.

Thank you for praying for me as I run my race in missions. I still have my eyes on the prize!

Your brother, Isa


Updated September 8, 2019

Vision for Israel Update Heritage from the Lord

Children are our heritage. They are a blessing and a reward. They are a promise the Lord has given us, and with that promise we have received a great opportunity to serve the younger generation by setting an example for them, appreciating them, and investing in them.

Yoram was six years old when his mother died. He is one of seven children and his family is very poor. His father was unable to raise them and sent all his children to foster homes. Yoram ended up in one of the homes. He excelled in his studies, overcame great challenges, and through it all received the tools he needed to succeed in life. In this home, his physical needs were met and he was surrounded with love and care. He met his wife in the same home, and now they have three children. Today he is a principal in one of the schools, and together with his family cares for abandoned children.

Five years ago, Michal’s family was driving to celebrate Passover when a terrorist began shooting at their car. Her father was killed and the entire family was injured, including Michal who was only 10 at the time. Michal sank into deep sadness and refused to speak to anyone about the death of her father. Her mother managed to recover and rebuild her family, giving the children hope and love despite the severe injuries she suffered herself.

Recently she shared with us that change had taken place in Michal’s life when she attended a therapeutic summer camp in Canada last Year. “Suddenly I got my daughter back. For the first time in years, she talks to me, opens up, laughs, and is happy.’ Being in a supportive environment helped Michal to talk about the painful experience for the first time. Michal was invited to go to the same camp again this summer, but her mother said, I can’t afford to send her abroad again. It is my prayer that I can get her back there just so she can be relieved of her pain.”

We were privileged to provide half the cost ($ 1,480) of Michal’s summer camp to bring comfort to the family.

Thanks for your ongoing support,

Barry & Batya and the VFI team


Updated 8/25/19

Kenneth Hagin Ministries Update
Rhema Graduates Worldwide

When we carry the mandate of teaching faith, hope, and love to the world, we are building foundations. Every Rhema graduate worldwide was trained with s strong foundation of faith to pursue God’s calling. It can’t happen any other way!

Jason and Diang Daugherty head up a Rhema campus in India. One time they had to find a new location for the Rhema campus in Shillong. That facility needed not only classroom space but also a place to house the students. The Daugherty’s faith foundation saw them through. They secured a new building and moved furniture into it. But then local authorities would not give them permission to use the building for a school. Jason said, “I told my wife, ‘We are teaching people to walk by faith. We learned by precept and example at Rhema, and we’re going to demonstrate the same thing. If our graduates are going to catch it, we have to live it.’ “ Permission was granted 30 minutes before orientation started!

The Lord started dealing with Walker and Haley Schurz in Zambia to build an evening school. Among the students is the Speaker of the House of Parliament. In 2017, one of their church members came to Kindle the Flame. During the conference Lynette Hagin prophesied that women in the audience would rise to high places of influence. Two months later the President of Zambia informed this church member that he was appointing her as a judge in the High Court of Zambia. God is reaching people of influence!

These are two of the thousands of stories we could tell. It is the fruit of your giving! Your faithfulness and dedication have brought this foundation of faith to nations. I had a dream of what’s happening now all over the world. But it didn’t happen right away. In 1980 I spoke it out by the Spirit of God. It wasn’t until 1999 that the first international Rhema campus started. It has been growing ever since. We have now graduated almost 85,000 students.

Yours in Christ,
Kenneth W. Hagin
August 2019


Updated June 2, 2019


James & Pattie Duininck-Ah Kui


May 24th - 34 received Christ as Savior Friday Night, 18 were healed. Last week 25 accepted the Lord, 27 were healed. The week before 26 saved, 29 healed. This entire ministry is made possible by the support of partners like you - this is what you are doing in the uttermost parts of the earth.

The harvest is great in the remote islands and we want to give you the opportunity to get involved in something dear to God - Reaching the Last to Hear the Gospel. Please share with your friends - Glory to God and Thank You!

...the islands will be waiting for his teaching. Isaiah 42:4


Updated April 28, 2019


Lloyd & Janice Craycroft


You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan April is Stress Awareness Month. We all know what stress is, but have you though of how needy families are affected by it?

The following Poverty Stress Test could be a real eye opener to understand the neighbors we serve. Many of our neighbors living in poverty are surrounded by unimaginable daily stressors. Could you survive the stress of living in poverty?

Do you know where the free medical clinics are? Do you ....
Know how to get by without a car?
Know how to live without a checking account or credit card?
Know what to do when you lack money to pay the bills?
Know how to keep your clothes from being stolen at the laundromat?
Know which grocery store garbage bins can be accessed for food?
Know how to live without electricity or a cell phone?
Know how to use a knife as a pair of scissors?
Know how to physically fight to defend yourself?

Volunteering and stress - Do something to help yourself and someone else at the same time. Research studies show that volunteering can reduce stress, combat depression, and increase self-confidence while providing a sense of purpose and connection. When you volunteer att the Center of Hope, you are part of a team ! You will find a connection with like-minded people who work to support each other and to bring Hope to our community.

Volunteer opportunities right now include:

Choice Pantry Personal Shopper - Thurs or Friday 11 am - 4 pm
Neighbor Desk Receptionist - Wed or Friday 10:30 - 3:30
Food Donation Pick Up Assistant - Monday or Wed. 9 - 11 am
Appointment & Clerical Assistant - Monday 11am to 4 pm
Optometrist - Hours flexible
Nurse LPN or RN - Women’s preventive health - Mondays


For information please contact us at


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