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Updated January 20, 2019

Mercy Multiplied Update

Thank you for your gift of 78 body wash and lotion sets on December 20, 2018. We are truly grateful that you choose to partner with Mercy Multiplied. Your generous support gives young women the chance for a better future and for 2017 graduate Lisa, it was the chance to not only change her life, but also the life of her daughter.

At a young age, Lisa’s feelings of rejection led her to abuse her body with diet pills, laxatives, and self-harm. She was sexually assaulted att the age of 15, and by the age of 18, she was in a very unhealthy marriage. At 19, Lisa gave birth to a little girl and realized she could no longer stay in the volatile marriage and filed for divorce. As a single mom, Lisa used alcohol as an escape, and in her brokenness, allowed men to take advantage of her, while at the same time praying for a Godly man. She eventually met a Godly man, got engaged, and during the time they were engaged, he told her about Mercy. She decided to apply and the day after they were married, she walked through the doors at our Lincoln, CA, home, a suburb of Sacramento.

Lisa shares, “Thank you donors for the light that shines for Jesus through your generous giving! The willingness of your ‘yes’ to give has truly changed the direction of my life. You have been a graceful part of God’s incredible plan for rescuing His daughters who enter the doors of Mercy!”

Lisa’s bravery is inspiring. It couldn’t have been an easy decision to leave her new husband and her little girl to come to Mercy, but she knew it would be worth it to receive the healing she needed so her marriage could thrive. She also shared with us that they are currently expecting their first child together and plan on naming their son Lincoln in honor of all that God did during her time at Mercy.

Thank you for giving young women like Lisa the opportunity to be made whole in Jesus Christ. We are expecting more great things in 2019 and are so very thankful that you are on the journey with us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Nancy Alcorn


Updated January 13, 2019


Barry and Batya Segal

Fighting Hunger in Israel

Vision for Israel receives countless requests from Social Services to help families every year. Reports indicate that some families are actually using their refrigerators as closets because they don’t have food at home.

Recently a group of volunteers packed 20,000 food packages, and we are now busy distributing them. Over the last month we have donated 16,000 packages to different organizations and welfare departments throughout the country. Each delivery contains rice, soy flakes, dehydrated vegetables, and spices. The balance of thesespecial deliveries will be distributed to poor families in the community, including individuals going through rehabilitation and victims of domestic violence.

Thank you for helping us change lives.

But a generous man devises generous things and by generosity he shall stand. Isaiah 32:8


Updated January 6, 2019


James & Pattie Duininck-Ah Kui


A Missionary Story - We had 4 days to cover several villages and the team had to keep moving, as Uttermost Witness held position just off shore. The first village pleaded with us to stay and teach more, but we just had to keep going. They decided to follow us to the next villages so they could hear the word of God again. Before we left people came out in canoes and asked if we could come teach one more time. We agreed for just one hour; they listened for three hours! "Please come back, we have never heard anything like this in our lives." 457 people were saved.

His light will not be put out, and He will not be crushed, till He has given the knowledge of the true God to the earth, and the sea-lands will be waiting for his teaching.  Isaiah 42:4

Faithfully, James and Pattie, John and Anna, and Willem


Updated August 19, 2018


Lloyd & Janice Craycroft


The Apollo 11 crew successfully landed the first two people on the Moon in 1969, with commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin. After eight history making days, when it was time to leave it was discovered that a key circuit breaker had broken. Without it they could not blast off the moon. Rather than stick his finger into the breaker, Buzz Aldrin used a felt-tipped pen from his shoulder pocket to complete the circuit and it worked! The rest they say, is history. Something as insignificant as a felt-tipped pen will forever be remembered as the unlikely solution to a very serious crisis.

About thirty years ago, a little girl was volunteering alongside her mother in Victory's clothing room. This little girl, Amy Buchan, was wide-eyed and eager to help her mother assist those looking for clothing. There was one little girl they helped who needed a dress for a special occasion. As God would have it on that day, there was a perfect green dress that had this neighborhood girl excited and smiling from ear to ear. It was then when Amy remembered she was wearing a bow in her hair that matched that green dress perfectly. This wasn't just any bow however, it was made especially for Amy by her grandmother which she wore nearly every day. Still, young Amy decided to offer it to this other little girl and pinned it in her hair. The little girl felt so loved and left walking on cloud nine.

Although this little girl was touched by Amy's gesture, Amy was affected in a way that would have an impact on the landscape of her life for years to come. Even though she was only six years old, this encounter and opportunity to sacrifice something she loved for someone else, marked her as a servant for Jesus forever. For Buzz Aldrin and the Apollo 11 mission it was a dime a dozen felt-tipped pen; for Amy it was a small act of kindness that has rocked her world even to this day.

I am a believer that small individual acts of kindness and obedience to God can set the stage for the Lord to be able to do great things. The account of the feeding of the five thousand is about a boy, innocently and generously offering to help feed the masses. He had five barley loaves and two fish for five thousand men and many more counting the women and children. Remarkably, this lad still offers what he has, and Jesus uses his act of faith to become the seed of a miracle. This young boy had eyes and saw the masses and the impossibility of feeding them with his lunch - but he just wanted to do his part.

This is the wonder of following Jesus. As we serve others and do the things He has shown us to do, He manifests Himself. God only asks us to give what we have, and He will do the rest. And just like little Amy, we will all be changed as we step out in faith each day. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!


Updated July 1, 2018


John & Alba Romick


Throughout the year we try to have events that are tailored specifically for the different people represented in ministry. This past May, we held our annual Pastors’ wives conference and we were amazed at the great time they had during the week. We invited guest ministers Rhonda Rogers from Rhema Mexico and Hannah Adams, Pastor of Igreja United in Rio dejaneiro. They both brought a refreshing and ‘on time’ Word that really impacted everyone that attended. We had more than 200 different churches represented at the conference and had the opportunity of blessing everyone that came with food and gifts. We know the ministry is not always easy, but when we have this conference we strive to let these ladies know that they are loved and appreciated in the ministry! We can't wait for next year!

In April, we had the opportunity of having Rev. Terry Mize with us for a seminar on "spiritual authority". Our Pastors and ministers love it when he comes down to minister the Word of God. As always, he just amazes us with his knowledge of the Word, which he communicates in a very simple yet effective way. And obviously everyone enjoys his testimonies, from getting shot in Mexico 5 times and nothing happening to him, to healing testimonies in the Panama rainforest. We are always encouraged and challenged to live a life of faith, to truly believe in God in every step of our lives. We believe as Christians faith should be a normal part of our lives, not something we just use for extraordinary circumstances. "The just shall live by faith" is what the Bible says, and we believe this is exactly how we should live our lives, walking in faith!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support!



Updated June 24, 2018

Isa Bajalia



This week I had the privilege of speaking to Brother Joe, who is leading a Church in Tunisia. As the Church grows in number, the enemy attempts to stifle what God is accomplishing, however, he cannot. Joe was summonsed, and questioned by the local police about Christian activities like witnessing, baptisms, etc. After two hours, Brother Joe was released and was not shaken, but continues to share the gospel of Jesus with others.

Pastor Junior called me from Cuba about the recent challenges of the local Believers on the Island. Maybe you heard about the airplane crash where ten Pastors were killed along with ninety others. When this took place, I was preaching in Puerto Rico and I remember a sense of helplessness gripping my heart that day. This unfortunate tragedy challenged the hearts of the Pastors from the Methodist Church where I preach when I am in Cuba. The Methodist Pastors are taking up offerings to care for each family of the Pastors who fell in the airplane crash. We were strengthened by hope when we also heard about the love of many other local Churches in Cuba who have run to the rescue of the families who lost husbands and dads in the crash. This is huge because these Believers have crossed denominational lines. They did not care about the names on their buildings more than the ones who are suffering. Did I mention that the Pastors who fell in the crash are not even Methodist, they are just members of the family of God, our Brothers and Sisters in Christ?

I continue to pray for you. Thank you for your contributions for World Missions. You ARE making a wonderful difference in the lives of the local Believers in several nations. Thank you for praying for me as I run my race in Missions. I still have my eyes on the prize!


Updated August 27, 2017

Eyes Wide Open International, Haiti

Nicolle Bompart


We are so excited that all the kids passed this year and will advance to the next grade level. We now have 33 amazing children that God has given us to love. However, just like every other year, we cannot get them back to school without your help. Because the government just announced two weeks ago that the start of school will be September 4th, an entire month earlier than last year, we now have less than 2 weeks to get all the school supplies, collected, and delivered, and raise $13,564 for uniforms, tuition, registration fees, and expenses. Nothing is impossible for our Daddy in Heaven!

If you want to give new school supplies, they can be dropped off Aug 28th to Sept 1st from 8am-7pm at the EWOI Corporate Offices at 5000 Arlington Centre Blvd., Upper Arlington, OH 43220. Ordering supplies online and sent to the office, would also be great.

Here is the list of needed supplies:  Backpacks (heavy duty) / #2 pencils / pencil pouches, cases, or boxes / composition notebooks / red, black, and blue pens / plastic pocket folders / scissors / hand sanitizers (all sizes) / eraser caps / rulers (wood) / sharpies / dry erase markers / kleenex packs / white under shirts / underwear / black dress socks & white athletic socks (boy’s size 6 to men’s size 12). The younger students also need glue sticks, crayons, markers, and construction paper. The teens also need calculators, white out, math kits (protractors, rulers, compasses, etc.), mechanical pencils (with replacement lead), colored pencils, and highlighters.

If you want to give a financial gift to help get our kids back to school, just go to and click on the ‘give’ option. We are so thankful for your faithful support and prayers for these precious children!





Updated October 29, 2017 

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

Dr. Jurgen Buhler


The entire city of Jerusalem was reunited under Israeli sovereignty in 1967, and for 50 years this reunification has ensured freedom of access for all faiths to Jerusalem's holy sites. We Congratulate Jerusalem on their 50th anniversary!

Sadly, today we still see much anti-Semitism throughout the world. Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitic. Detaching the Jewish people from the land God bequeathed to Abraham and his descendants some 4,000 years ago achieves two insidious goals. First, it removes the Jewish people's historical connection to the land, turning them into invading foreigners that must be repelled, thus legitimizing all means to cleanse "Palestine" of their presence. Second, it denies the Jewish people their identity as a nation with a place to live in this world, relegating them to the status of permanent wanderers at the mercy of all the other nations who choose to host them.

This is at its core anti-Semitism. It is just cloaked in a veneer of modern political correctness. But there should be no tolerance for such discrimination. The last century should have taught us that dangerous ideologies such as Nazism or Communism can have disastrous outcomes, with Jews usually paying the higher price.

If you had asked me some ten years ago if I thought anti-Semitism could become a big enough problem in the United States to endanger the Jewish community here, I would have said: "Absolutely not!" However, events over the last ten years have so changed the landscape of America that I can no longer respond as adamantly. My response to that question today is: "I certainly hope not!"

Anti-Semitism and its twin, anti-Zionism, must not be allowed to take root in America. Sadly, support for neo-Nazis and for Antifa is growing as people line up in defense of either side. The church, however, must stand up in defense of the Jewish people and the State of Israel at this time. May the Lord give us all the courage we need for the battle ahead.

The ICEJ's work of combatting anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world is critical. Our ground-breaking partnership with Yad Vashem allows us to provide top-notch education for Christian leaders about the sensitive issues surrounding the Holocaust and how to recognize anti-Semitism when it is expressed today.

Our branches in Europe are on the front lines of this growing epidemic and do everything they can to educate about its dangers. And we are preparing for the growing battle here in the United States. I used to think it could never happen here, and while I do still pray it never will, I believe we need to prepare just the same.

We need to provide more seminars in churches across America; host more Christian leaders at Yad Vashem seminars in Jerusalem; develop more tools for pastors, students, and lay-people alike; and grow our network from thousands to tens of thousands of pastors and Christian leaders ready to unite in defense of Israel and the Jewish people, while we continue our ministry of love and blessing to the people of Israel.

The ICEJ has also been active in bringing Jews from Belarus home to Israel since 2006, providing secure transportation to the airport for more than 4,000 people, as well as hospitality as needed along the way. For many of them, returning to Israel has only been made possible by Christian support. Thanks to the support of many Christians from around the world, the ICEJ has provided airfare to Israel for many Jews from remote regions in India, as well. After the first waves of Ethiopian Jews returning to Israel two decades ago, many Ethiopian Jews left their homes to prepare for the trip to Israel, only to discover that the government of Ethiopia had put a halt to their journey. Today, we get to witness God fulfilling His promise of bringing back the remnant of His people, as we assist more Ethiopian Jews in their return to Israel.

ICEJ leaders have been traveling throughout the world to awaken love for Israel. They have traveled to Fiji, Asia, Columbia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They hosted seminars and gatherings to educate and enlighten Christians about God’s purposes concerning Israel and the Middle East, and why we, as Christians, need to be involved in those plans. They reminded us of our responsibility to Israel and the city of Jerusalem as commanded by Scripture: to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122) and bless the people of Israel in every way.

We cannot do this without your help. Thank you so much for your faithful support. Together we can make a difference for the Jewish people.



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