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Columbus City Church

Pastor Ingolf Schmidt

Born in the communist country of East Germany.

Married for more than 34 years.

Father of three children and two grandchildren.

Raised by his parents, Pastor Schmidt grew up as an atheist and, in 1978, he gave his life to Jesus while he was a soldier in the Communist Army.

He founded Living Word Church Leipzig in 1985; however, at that time it was not an “official church” because it was forbidden by the Communist government.

Uniquely, it was the first “new” church and “Word of Faith” (underground church) in the city and the second one in the country. In recent years, several Bible school classes have been held in Germany and Poland.

In 1992, Pastor Schmidt was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall.
Pastor Schmidt has a strong traveling ministry, which has led him throughout Europe, Russia, the United States, and Asia.
He has frequently traveled to the U.S. since 1998, preaching and reminding the American people “not to forget His benefits.” He frequently uses examples from his underground church, but often in a humorous way. These stories and testimonies inspire and encourage people to follow Christ in a serious and genuine way.





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